Very active 5.5m babes page Grows 290k+ weekly

Country of followers (majority): india
Amount of followers: 5.5m
Topic/Niche: babes
Does it include the OG (original) email?: yes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic

Description: The most active page ever gains insanely …200k + weekly, please dont low ball

This is huge o.o glws

Send me the page

Pm Me

Handle please

Can you send me the Handle? And best price? Thanks!

Hello! Very interested, could you send me link please.

Dm me please

dm please

im quite interested. can you send me link and facebook insights? also, is it eligible for adbreaks?

Offer 500

dm plz

Page now 5.5m

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Latest insights

Send me link to profile


I just checked the profile out on IG, engagement is great but it’s mostly fake followers/comments/likes etc.

Most people that comment are just writing same thing: ‘Hi’. They also don’t have any profile pics, or if they do they don’t have any content on their pages.

Basically very low quality spam account that’s not worth anywhere near $30K.

I would post the username on here but I don’t want my post to get deleted. But you should be able to figure out the username if you look at the posted screens one more time.


Listen to yourself carefully

You clearly don’t have any idea about indian biharis and some bob vegena gangs :laughing::laughing:

Trust me, they are not fake. They are horny perverts who just think always about girls.

And yeah I agree, they are the lowest tier followers in india. Definitely not worthy for 30k$

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How would you monetize this to justify $30k. Not hating just curious :thinking: