Very Active Facebook page 146K

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I’ll give u 100$ for it.
lmk if interested

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$200 for it

Still open for offers!

Update : Page now has close to 136k likes!


still have ?
PM me

yes pm sent!


Update: Page now has 137.5k likes


Update Page now has almot 139k likes

Link plz

Link sent!

Update - Page is now 140k

PM link


Link sent to all.

Update - page is now close to 142k likes.

And has 150k Followers

1000+ likes growth daily without any ads or promotion.


Page now has 143.5k likes

can you send me the link please, what will you take?

pm sent!

Page now has 145k likes and 154k follows!


Page Likes : 146k

Details please

Im interested , pm link please.