Very rare OG Username (Proof of funds please)

Property type: OG Username
Why is it unique?: Very rare - good for business
Price: Offer

Description: Very rare OG username - lots of potential for a start-up business… had many offers from start ups for around $1000-2000 but turned it down.

What exactly is “proof of funds?”
Unless you have direct access to someones bank account, why would you believe screenshots/etc?


Bro, here is my monkeys I have in my PaPal… I generated them with my PaPal monkey generator… Does it count as proof? :blush:

Nice username handle, short and simple


How are you flexing on us when you’re poor. that’s nothing.
look at my PayPal. now go make me a dinner peasant, I’ll throw 100k at you.



Lol :joy:

anyone actually interested?

send me the username plz

Pm me the handle pls

what is the handle?


Pm the handle please

Pm handle.

If anyone’s interested pm me

Still got this bad boy pm me with offers

Pm please

weird flex but Okay :ok_hand::ok_hand::100:

sent out pms pm me if anyone else is interested

Weird but true homie!

Sent out messaged

sent out the message hmu if interested