Very rare OG Username (Proof of funds please)


Property type: OG Username
Why is it unique?: Very rare - good for business
Price: Offer

Description: Very rare OG username - lots of potential for a start-up business… had many offers from start ups for around $1000-2000 but turned it down.


What exactly is “proof of funds?”
Unless you have direct access to someones bank account, why would you believe screenshots/etc?


Bro, here is my monkeys I have in my PaPal… I generated them with my PaPal monkey generator… Does it count as proof? :blush:

Nice username handle, short and simple


How are you flexing on us when you’re poor. that’s nothing.
look at my PayPal. now go make me a dinner peasant, I’ll throw 100k at you.



Lol :joy:


anyone actually interested?


send me the username plz


Pm me the handle pls


what is the handle?




Pm the handle please


Pm handle.


If anyone’s interested pm me