[VIP SELLER] Instagram/Facebook Legacy Verification Without PR & Without Account Access | GUARANTEED success

Service type: Instagram/Facebook Legacy Verification even without PR. For business or individual. GUARANTEED 100% success rate.
Price: 10k + fees

I can LEGACY verify your instagram or facebook without PR and without access. I only need username

I just did 11 onsite business verification. I never failed. I also have off site gambling and crypto verification success even without a post, and just a newly created instagram.

I just did also a hard case on site that everyone fail to verify, so I am planning to accept generic name verification and hard cases verification.

TAT: 1-3 weeks max, but usually less than 2 weeks.

First 5 client for $6k+ fees any followers amount
Next time, it will be starting $10K + fees for less than
100k followers, the price will increment depending on your followers 100k and up. (Edit: 5 clients for 6K + fees discount price slot already filled and already got their account verified already) So now I am accepting a cases specially the hard case.

Please check my feedback, so you can see it yourself.

Serious buyer only. Send your handle I’ll give you the price, then I start the process (NO PREPAYMENT for trusted user)


*How can I do this process? I have a significant connection within META. I prefer not to disclose details about who they are or their specific role. All you need to know is that they can get the job done. Over the past year, none of his previous work has been debadged, except for a few instances where usernames were changed, which was the owner’s fault.

*Warranty: Verification is inherently risky, but I offer a 30-day badge warranty for a refund. I will only provide a refund if all my clients are simultaneously debadged. If only one client encounters this problem, I will review the account to check for any violations he did to get the badge remove

I can also give a reseller discount, a huge discount if you can give a multiple customer.

I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT VERIFICATION IS VERY RISKY. Even SWAPD states this before starting the payment and the process. It’s important you understand everything I’m saying. I’m not pushing anyone to use my service, but I can guarantee that I can get the job done, and I’ve never encountered a problem with this service.

Hit up my DM and let’s do business together! :pray:


[ Ticket#527255 ] success facebook page verification legit :ok_hand: 24h TAT Will work soon for other pages

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