[VIP SELLER] Real Twitter giveaway growth

I’m offering 100% organic Twitter follower growth/K. This service is perfect for any NFT brand/Crypto looking to shill or become a giveaway page themselves.

These followers are grown through my network of real giveaway/shill accounts (most followers will be from Asia and are accustomed to interacting with giveaways). They’re prime targets for giveaways–I’ve used them myself!

Working with me gets you nothing but the best. Sometimes I overdeliver…:wink:

TAT is 1 week (unless you’re ordering over 10k)



Are these followers real?
Yes! No bots are used during our growth process!

Is the growth done illegally/against TOS?
Nope! Unlike others, our brand prides itself on fulfilling our giveaway promises and promptly choosing winners.

Do you offer discounts?
Yes! I’ll also undercut any price.

How does TAT scale alongside order size?
We’re able to deliver 10k/5-7 days :slight_smile:

I also offer Discord growth here!

Bump, I’m providing the cheapest onsite :smirk_cat:

Bump :smirk_cat:

Bump! I just delivered 1.5k and 3k on-site.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Someone ordered 1.5k, I delivered 2K anyways😏

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Taking on more orders! Goal is to start 2 tickets today, so PM me asap if you’re interested! I can give slight discounts on orders 4k+ (there may even be overgrowth :wink:)


Bump, let’s start some orders!


Offering a substantial discount to anyone who opens a ticket today :slight_smile:


I CAN NOW DO 10k ORDERS :slight_smile:

More tickets completed!

Offering a MASSIVE discount for the next 10k order :slight_smile:

Bump. Doing the next 10k order for $350 :eyes:

I can deliver 10K in 1-2 DAYS.

bump. Still offering a huge discount for 10k

Send me samples of these funnels/followers.


Bump. 10k for $350 is the best deal you’ll find :slight_smile:


Hello, can one see what accounts the followers will be coming from? : )

Bump. Replied to all PMS

Doing MASSIVE deals & will match any price


open a ticket for 10k followers now

Hello, what is the maximum amount of followers you can deliver? And can it be related to crypto gambling/streaming?

I can do 15k/order

I can target crypto shill audiences, they’re not necessarily related to gambling though

Note to all: I won’t be online much today but will be ready to start orders tomorrow :slight_smile: