Viral verified TikTok w/ 17.5 MIL (new active) followers

Gained 1.5M followers in the past 48 hours (*now 17.5 million). Perfect for marketing / advertising.
It’s super active and comes with OG email & number is changeable.

Current offer: $25,000
Feel free to offer or send me a message if you have questions.

Also comes with a 2L username.



this is nutty

2 million followers now

2.2 million followers now

3.4 million followers now

Have seen this account around haha, but just need to note that it might eventually lose the badge as that’s what happens with these viral verified accounts (which usually impersonate).

yes but most of the time you’ll get a 7 day warning to change your account and as long as you’re not fully impersonating you should be good!

account has 15.5 million followers right now.

PM username?

almost 18 million followers right now

What’s it’s username?