We manage your shorts YT channel - 100 video uploads a month

Service type: Creating (or uploading) 100+ shorts video’s to your Youtube channel.

Price: $100 a month

Description: All the shorts are selected manually and are related to your niche. They are downloaded from tiktok without trademark. We upload 3 shorts a day on your channel.

The power of shorts!

Disclaimer: Copyright claims are always possible. But we don’t have problems with it often, while we are managing many different channels.

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Would you offer this service monthly solely editing my channels videos into shorts? If i had enough content that is

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Yes @Mac.

Would you do 50 a month for 50 shorts per month? Worried i at this current rate don’t have enough content for 100. But when i do you’d be able to tell me and we can upgrade providing im seeing the results.

Could you do less for a few months have content lined up :pray:t2: And what type of access do you need?

Let me know if still available

Pm sent

First tickets are in progress.

PM sent

Can you also do that for theme pages, where the content is not original? So I have some theme pages on Instagram and you could take the content from there?

New tickets are started. We can take up to 1000 channels at the same time. :rocket: