We need contest ideas!

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, we have to delay the raffle contest we had planned for May. Due to lack of staff and a few personal problems we cannot find the time to manage it. However, we’re still willing to do a smaller contest. We are tired of meme-like competitions so we’re reaching out to you for your ideas. When coming up with your master plan, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. It can’t be labor-intensive for staff.
  2. It cannot require us to build out our system (tracking/etc)

It has to be simple and fun, so everyone can enjoy it.

The winning idea gets a 100 USD reward!

Go go go!


@HamzaKhan, time to win.

Sumbit a 7-13sec TikTok Swapd-AD video, video this most likes on swapd get’s rewad.
Good way to promote as well, maybe some gone viral


Something that pushes sales, what about something like most unique service for sale

Make the funniest picture in photoshop( or other photo editing software) of baton barisha so we can laugh at him

Or make a Referral contest, where the person with the most referrals (Registered and verified) in a month wins?

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Or a Guessing contest in which people get to guess how much the most expensive ticket was sold for? And closest wins?

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No easy way to track it, so labor intensive.

Who can detect a gap on swapd site !
Gets prize!

Not sure how to word the title but whoever gets the most likes for contributing ideas…

My submission would be

  1. How to get Instagram verified for free
  2. How to get tiktok unban
  3. Give away contact information how to get unlimited verified instagrams…
  4. Or best websites to buy things for cheap and resell whether it’s twitters with celebrity follows ect
    (One with the best contributions and likes wins… and best part is everyone wins and benefits from this… everyone is so secretive with their connections, everyone likes to hold out… I wouldn’t care I’d give away all my secrets
  5. 25% of the things I see for sale here I can do aswell… so a contest where the one with the most reveals wins… like knowing how to get YouTube channels verfied and telegram channels ect I can just go down the list of all old services and list how to get it done yourself…

In all honesty I don’t see my contest being picked. Half the people or more would love it and benefit from it but the few people that profit from there services that boogies don’t know would hate the winner revealing there gig for free…

I wish there was an exchange services section or a section where u can just buy methods in general… that way I can list and sell all my methods for 1 price…

Why would I give all this stuff away for free… to brag that I won’t the contest and simply because just like swapd staff I don’t have the time to milk everyone and manage all the tickets coming in (yes lots of money) but believe it or not I make more with day trading stock options. And if u ignore tickets u get banned so I can’t risk getting banned.

So the contest could be everyone sells there business I dea and the the business idea that gets the most likes win… they could decide to give it away for free like I am and contribute to all members s or sell it…

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Bro he said contest ideas not give every swapd service for free idea :joy:


That itself is a contest :joy: whoever contributes the most and gets the most likes / reveals or ideas wins… :man_shrugging:

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It is not it’s just asking for high end value services for free. (Will never happen anyways) but also seeking them seems like you want to know the methods yourself.

This is a contest not a business steal ideas I think your input was a very bad one (imo)

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That’s why I said everyone could benefit from my contest… newbees would learn stuff for free they com in with 5% knowledge and after my contest leave with 80% knowledge…

My knowledge is about 40% and I’d leave with 80% (because most things I already know I just have a few things I’m curious about)

Not stealing business ideas as I told u I don’t have time for a business on swapd I dedicate all my time to stocks. I am just genuinely curious how to get things done for free I love to learn. Knowledge is power. My mindset is learn it for free by research or pay to learn the method even if u pay double the service fee… but paying for the service milks u as u have to com back for more… like the smm panel… I paid for likes then I said nah man I’ll pay u to set up my own panel and now I can give myself unlimited services from an smm panel that’s just one idea.

I think there should be a tan for free methods o where people want to contribute and help the community with free links on where to learn… or a tan where you can pay double the fee to learn a method that’s listed and swapd could verify if the metho is real because that person would perform the method for swapd staff to proove themselves or have screenshot or video proof

Still asking for free stuff for yourself it seems to go to that 80% your saying. Since you’re so caring mate just open a topic where you give your stocks profit methods every single day and update them Mother Teresa :star2:

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I actually did that on webull and then join a group called Matt’s market moves and when I successfully called out huge gains they called me out for insider trading… (I can’t explain more without revealing much) but I can show u indefinite proof… but I appreciate the sarcastic comment… but yes I like learning methods my goal is to know 100% of everything although it’s an unrealistic goal but if I land anywhere close to that then I’d be someone very powerful to know and network with. But let’s not keep replying here. It’s not fair to staff having to read all this and other when they should be focusing on contest ideas. You have my input now and my reasoning behind it… lets not distract from the topic any further :slight_smile: god bless everyone may the best contest win :heart:

-just message me directly with opinions that way the thread can stay on topic instead of focusing on me.


Swapd logo redesign contest?

Yeah, members who tattooed our logo onto their bodies would not like that, so no.


Memes only made out of swapd topics,posts,comments within the forum :+1:

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