We need your input. We have an idea, but we want to know if it's a good one (regarding a victim fund and banned members)

We have over 3000 members now. We’re a tiny site compared to some of our other competitors. To make things worse, we have over 350 users banned and over 400 silenced. Many of the banned members want to get back in, and currently, we don’t allow ban reversals unless the infraction was small. Everyone keeps telling us to set up a victim fund to payout scorned users. We never wanted to have one, as we really don’t have many people who got burned, but we know that will change once the site picks up in activity.

So, my idea was to offer banned members a second chance to get back in, providing that they pay a non-refundable victim deposit in the amount of 100 USD. I want to know what do you think about it?

  • Yes, it’s a fantastic idea.
  • No, I don’t like it.

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Not all banned members would be allowed to get back in, the heavy offenders such as:

  1. users selling hacked properties
  2. users charging back funds
  3. users using fake identities

would not be let back in. We’re talking simple offenses such as soliciting off-site, vulgarism, etc.
So, what do you think?

If this guys are not being accepted anymore, I don’t see any problem with the other guys.

Vulgarism and soliciting off site are not very big problems in my opinion, you can bring them back in even without the funds at all.

But, the other guys shouldn’t be on the forum even if they pay thousands.

It is to us when you receive situations like these:

An example from our tickets (this happens):

User A: Hey man, I changed my mind I am not paying SWAPD their fees. Contact me on Facebook.
Admin: Communicating off-site is not allowed.
User A: Ok fine.
User A: ■■■■ this ■■■■ User B just contact me on FB my nick is XXXXXX asap!

We get this all the time. Would you allow people to walk over your head?
Or how about users who elaborately created scenarios just to get money out of us. “Hey, the Channel I bought was hacked, pay me” - We proved it was never hacked, caught them lying. Again, happen before.

Douchebaggery isn’t welcomed and we will fight fire with fire. But, we’re willing to give people second chances if their hard earned money can save some poor soul one day, no?

This is off topic, and delete it if you want, but I think that there should be even a category in the site for small properties, for which you don’t offer any assurance or audits, but that we users want to make the sale here bcs we trust the middleman service.
This category can even be like the ones that don’t show on frontpage, or that show on frontpage only if the admins think that can bring value on the frontpage

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We’re working on another site for these type of transactions, but we want to keep SWAPD clear of such things. Smaller properties bring out the 13 year olds, and teenagers love to scam, and teenagers also fall easily into scams. I don’t have anything against teenagers, but this isn’t the approach we want to take with SWAPD.

One more fact. It’s easy to rack up fake likes for properties up to 10-20K. Over that amount, it takes too much money to actually make any decent ROI (speaking form a scammers stand point), hence our limits.

Setting up a Victim Fund is great Idea. Funding it with that $100 is not. 1% of every Deal Amount should go to Victim Fund.

As far bringing back the Banned members is concerned, they can deposit REFUNDABLE Security that must be $500 in minimum. Once they attain some Trust Level, they can be refunded back their Security after some time.


We tried that before. No one paid, not a single person.
Also, the 1% out of every transaction is out of the question. The whole point of this topic/idea is to force people who violate rules to pay for this, because that makes the most sense.


Vulgarism and soliciting off site are not very big problems in my opinion too., you can bring them back

the other guys shouldn’t be on the forum.

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Allow in the people who did grade 3 mistakes, never let in ppl with high level mistake at any cost… Forum’s uniqueness will be lost… And i don’t feel premium to use swapd too if heavy douchebags come in.

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I think its a perfect idea to allow users with small infractions to come back by giving money to a good cause. This would not only allow people to get second chances, but also create a pool of funds for the rare case when socials get pulled or users somehow get burned, etc.
I’m all for it!

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Thank you guys for voting. So far, only pro-votes had a voice. None of the people who voted NO said anything on why we shouldn’t.

and i have said it why, i voted no.

If they got banned from an infraction not relating to scamming someone, then I totally agree, that a $100 payment should be required, if someone scammed someone, they should pay back the amount that they had scammed, or the value of the property scammed.

I wouldn’t allow anyone to come back after scamming.

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I voted yes but I would say that it depends on the reason. For simple offenses definitely a cool idea.

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Thanks to everyone who voted, but we won’t be going through with this.

I’ve asked a few random banned people (some who keep begging to get back in), and I got a huge NOPE when I gave them this proposition. Funny thing is, some of these banned members have huge budgets and large properties for sale, but they won’t fork over 100 USD, despite the fact they WANT to get back in here badly.

This just won’t work.

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Their loss :man_shrugging:

Maybe they’ll figure it out once they get scammed for a far more significant amount than $100 on any other competitor site that offers virtually no safety.