We steal pages, deal with it! :D (UPDATE 11.10.2018)


Sure thing!


jon1, i faced the same … i was able to get back my page (4.9M ) within 3 days … if you need my help, message me


Well you beat me to it. That’s pretty much the exact same thing I had to do.


Damn These Pakistanis … :confused:


Talked to the owner, he has no clue how he lost the page. So, either phished or a Trojan, in my opinion.


I’m 100% sure, no. They get scammed or tricked and then try to show that they don’t know so that no one could “blame the victim” for their own stupidity. I don’t know as what’s the exact case here but I’m 90% sure he was tricked or scammed. If Trojan, Phishing is so accurate, 8 out of 10 can be hijacked.

A person offered that he could get YouTube Channels monetized quickly on payment and can get Pending AdSense payment withdrawn on payment and he scammed many people because he always wanted access to the Channels and emails and 5 out of 10 were not ready to accept their own stupidity and came up same excuse that they did not know as how did it happen.


Maybe he will join us and tell us more.


I receive these messages every day. They are scam. They are looking for mail from the admin to send a business manager request. If they receive mail and when you accept the request then you stay out of the page. Many people in this way remained without page. Do not give your email to anyone. Your page will be stolen. Be careful.


Update: We found a real potential buyer for the page we gave back to the person who was hacked (he wants to sell it), but when approached I got a “OK I am interested, but how can I trust you?” reply. I am losing faith in humanity. We have literally wasted hours getting it back for him and he was citing trust issues.

He no longer is, but still, that hurts man.


:joy: you really cant win with some people!



I won’t mention exact details, but I just wanted to let everyone know that thanks to @ChrisD, we’ve managed to recover another hacked page for the previous owner. We didn’t really do anything, @ChrisD did most of the work (thank you for that), but we’re still excited to see that the community is stepping up in helping us fend of hackers.

The property in question was HUGE and very active, so it’s satisfying to see that justice was done.

So, what happened?

I don’t want to mention details because a trusted member has been involved in this, whether he knew about it is still debatable. But he did cooperate and in the end, everything worked out. But, here is a short version of how things went down.

  1. A trusted member makes a listing for a huge property.
  2. @ChrisD purchases it.
  3. After a while, the new owner finds messages that relate to hacking.
  4. After research, we’ve concluded that it was hacked.
  5. We’ve confronted the seller, claims it was purchased from someone else. Normally, this would be an instant ban, but since the seller had history, we gave him a chance to explain himself.
  6. After a while, the seller who sold the page to @ChrisD was able to recover the funds from the other party (the person he purchased it from) and everyone had their funds returned.
  7. The page will go back to the rightful owners. (Soon, once the owner gets her main account back. This property was managed by a whole team, and we have most of the group except for the founder).

These hackers were pure scum.

@ChrisD uncovered that these people threatened the owner they hacked by saying that they “will post child abuse photos” to the property if she gave them problems/started whining about it.


Whether the SWAPD seller knew about the page being stolen is still up for debate, I personally think he knew it came from an “iffy” source but decided to push it anyway. But in the end, it all worked out and our community gave another middle finger to the hackers.

What have we learned and what will change in our policies to prevent this?

  1. We now added extra checks to our audit processes.
  2. The SWAPD seller will be under a close and strict watch so this doesn’t happen again.
  3. We will now warn all potential buyers of the sellers SWAPD history (if it’s negative) on all future tickets, or until the trust is rebuilt between the user and us.


I think I know for which property you are talking about as I gave an offer to the seller myself.
(I suspected since the beginning as the guy tried to make a fast sale)

In my opinion for sellers that sell a lot of properties here, you should add some other layers of security.
For example, if the seller says he bought it from somewhere else, they should show you the receipts and the conversation they had with the seller, like this the story from their part is more trusted.

I’ve seen some users here that list too many properties for sale, and to be honest I suspect some of them as its very difficult to manage so many properties in the same time. So for this users that sell or list too many properties you have to ask maybe a guarantee fund that you keep as a security measure.

Another thing I have seen happens a lot here, is that people list fanpages that they don’t own at all, but found on facebook groups or other selling forums and try to sell them with a profit. Copy paste details and list here. This is very risky too, so another measure is that you ask for proof that the seller is the admin of the page and not just reselling it.


I kind of like this idea, but then again, wouldn’t that just give scammers more time to prepare their story? If we catch them red-handed, they usually mix up their stories and are easily caught since they’re unprepared. The fact is that the vast majority of properties sold here had different owners in the past, so forcing everyone to go through this may be cumbersome.

Another thing I have seen happens a lot here, is that people list fanpages that they don’t own at all, but found on facebook groups or other selling forums and try to sell them with a profit. Copy paste details and list here.

If you see things like that please report to us ASAP. But make sure you’re right, as having the same description doesn’t automatically mean it’s a different owner. Most people want to sell ASAP, so they list on all available resources, and to save time, they just copy and paste their descriptions.


Couldn’t have said it better, especially that second part. Even though there are those people sometimes that just copy and paste details from other sellers in attempts to scam, most won’t come here to do that as they know they can’t get away without using a middleman. I know there are several users who make listings on multiple sites if their property isn’t selling or if they just want to have a further reach to expedite the process.


Its very wrong to present a whole country in such a bad light. I understand your frustration. But rather than blaming, you should improve your platform.
Once again i do really understand the anger, i have also been scammed many times. I am pakistani and i have never scammed anyone, rather i have been scammed myself by many people over the years. But i would never name any country specifically in such a way that shows everyone from that country is a scammer. Please avoid blaming whole country.


Not blaming the country, just stating facts from our end. Where did I say that "entire Pakistan is one big scam?"
I did not. In fact, I’ve said we also have good users from there. But, nothing will change the fact that on our website, Pakistan is the most troublesome. If that hurts your feelings, I am sorry and I understand. But I was merely pointing out stats and I did not intend to stick it to your country. I live in Poland, I could seriously care less about Pakistan. But, when my services get flooded with scammers, from any country, whether it’s Pakistan or (for example) US, it’s my right to write about it. Just like it’s your right not to agree with it.

Would you prefer I said nothing? What does that solve? In fact, speaking up about it may change (one could hope) behavior of some of these scammers.


Isn’t this funny? Literally 10 minutes ago one of our members messaged me about getting scammed off-site by a member from SWAPD (who registered three days ago). Guess where he is from?

So tired of this, I miss our blackbook section.


The funny part is the scammer wants to trade the Fanpage he has stolen for the victims Instagram account, and HE WANTS TO USE SWAPD AS MIDDLEMAN. This guy does not know what shame is. His FB profile bio even says “Yeah, I might be bad, but I am good at it.” Jesus.


Don’t post this publicly, accpet to do the trade and after you get the properties give him nothing.


I would if both users didn’t opt to go off-site. I can’t be superman and fix eveyone’s problems for them, especially when they break our rules and then come crying back for help. These tasks are time consuming, and I refuse to help people who try to save a tiny amount of money and break our rules.