We will no longer perform audits on properties under 200 USD

Hello members. Just wanted to give everyone a quick FYI regarding audits.

We have been doing this since the beginning, but only for Instagram. We didn’t perform audits on Instagram accounts worth under 200 USD. However, we’re now expanding this policy onto all platforms. Reason? We’re seeing an influx of low quality (almost trash like) accounts come through our doors and we believe that:

  1. It’s pointless to audit trash.
  2. It’s too time-consuming to audit small properties.
  3. Due to the high volume of these accounts, we’re wasting time we don’t get compensated enough for.

Basically, if you can’t stand to lose 200 USD, don’t purchase, as we won’t give any warranties on properties we didn’t audit.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t warn users if we see obvious manipulation or bad quality accounts.

It’s not like we will totally dismiss properties that are worth less than 200 USD. It’s just that we won’t give them full blown reviews. If we spot something unusual we will still let the buyers know.

That is all. Thank you for understanding.


If that is the case Guide buyers to do their own audits pls… Will be helpful, make a thread for it…

That’s on my TO-DO list, I swear. It’s just hard to find the time to write a 3000-word article.

I’m stressing it coz the only forum I’m using/active is swapd…!!! Coz of the genuinity and reliability. I myself bought properties less >200$ …

If there is no audit from now on then it will be a disappointment considering if I can make my own reliable audit that is fine then…

Like I’ve said before, we will still review accounts under 200 USD. Just not as much as higher end accounts. But, we will make sure to teach users what to look out for when buying accounts.