Website w/ YouTube Channel 4K Subs + Book on Amazon

Domain name:
Website included?: Yes
Price: $150 (LIMITED OFFER)

Domain Registration Date: 02/24/2019

The website is hosted on a payment server for one year with a .com domain and the design is very well maintained. It also has an optimized SEO that will bring specific traffic with a good ad campaign. The website is monetized with Adsense. The website is in Spanish.

This sell include a YouTube channel about news and investigating conspiracy theories. It’s a Spanish channel but all videos I upload are in English with Spanish subtitles, and the spanish videos have subtitles.

  • 4,459 Subscribers
  • 70 videos
  • No Copyright or Strikes
  • 1,376,707 total views
  • 9 years and 261 days in minutes of viewing
  • All videos subtitled in English and Spanish manually.
  • Professional design with a simple and striking color palette.
  • Currently active channel
  • Not Monetized

Include PSD photoshop channel design


Facebook accounts have a small public because I neglected them for a long time, but I have resumed them and they are growing in just few months.

Book on Amazon with several sales.

Facebook - 451 LIKES

Twitter - 17 FOLLOWERS

Patreon - 0 PATREONS

The reason for selling is because I want to focus on another project and I do not want to abandon this one. You can feel free to ask.

Intrested please pm me

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