Well Established MaxBounty Account For Sale

Account type: Maxbounty.com Affiliate Account
Price: $500 OBO

Description: I have one of my old MB affiliate accounts for sale. This account is well established with a little over $2600 in total earnings and was created in June of 2015!

Looking to sell ASAP, have absolutely no need for it and it’s just been sitting around collecting dust lol

The new owner of the account will need to change all the info to their own upon receiving the account

I sent you a PM, plz check

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Pming you now

Sorry if this is well-known but why would someone want to buy a MaxBounty account? I applied for one last week and was quickly accepted.

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That’s a great question. here’s a few reasons

  1. more established publishers get accepted easier for different offers. All offers on MB aren’t granted to everyone right when they sign up

  2. offers that are capped , can sometimes be increased or cap can be taken off if your an established publisher

  3. People from certain “3rd world” countries have a hard time getting accepted

  4. Many people run tons of Blackhat offers and like to have many accts, similar to people who may run amazon FBA or something. some would wonder why does someone need 10 amazon accounts, well there are people with tons of amazon accounts and it could be for many reasons

Just a few reasons I personally know

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It’s now easy to get accepted in MB. I rejected the verification call even tough they approved me

It’s easy for some, but what about those who are accepted BUT want to run BH on 1 account and don’t want to get there main account flagged with suspicion?

MB accounts still have value, i see people on BHW always talking about how they couldn’t get approved for whatever reason

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Bumping :slight_smile:

BUMPED :slight_smile:

Anyone have an offer?

I wouldn’t expect this to sell this fast, just letting you know. You don’t see these types of things too often on here, but if you’re patient enough you’ll probably get it sold.

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Daily BUMP :slight_smile: