We're currently skeptical of audits via SocialAuditPro.com

Long story short, we’ve been working with SocialAuditPro.com in improving the quality of the reports (by suggesting features/things to look for while auditing). However, it seems the developer tweaked the algorithms a little too much, as all our latest reports score an A, even though they shouldn’t, as some of the accounts submitted are obviously bad.

We will monitor this situation and it should be resolved fast as their developers are very quick to respond. But in meanwhile, we’re taking the reports in with a grain of salt, and SWAPD staff will have the final say in the quality of the account submitted in the tickets.

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We’ve been notified that no major algo changes were made, so not sure what is going on here. We will monitor this situation and let you know once we figure it out.

It seems like things are back to normal.