We're increasing our TransferWise.com limit to 5000 USD - Why should you use TransferWise?

The following will sound like an advertisement, but we just wanted to let everyone that after finally learning our way around TransferWise, we’ve simply fallen in love with it. Why? It’s safer than PayPal, quicker than a traditional wire, the exchange rates are super fair, and cheaper than any wire we’ve ever seen.


Just the other day we’ve finally accepted a transaction via a TransferWise payment.
Here is the time frame of how quickly things panned out.

  1. The buyer funded his TransferWise account in less than an hour.
  2. It took him a few minutes to transfer the money into our account.
  3. Once the transaction was over, the time it took for the wire to reach the seller (from our account) was less than a minute.

I don’t recall the exact number, but to send 1000 USD to our client, I think we’ve paid around 1.40 USD. A traditional wire would have cost anywhere from 15-40 USD (depending on the bank).

How cool is that?

Not only can you send/receive wires on the cheap and fast, their exchange rates are also unbeaten. If you buy/sell a lot and USD isn’t your primary currency, you can’t go wrong with TransferWise.

How does Transferwise do it?

They have set up bank accounts in virtually every country in the world. So when you sign up for a borderless account, you have access to all these accounts. Usually, wires within the same country are free or ultra cheap, so this is how TransferWise is able to keep the costs low. (Why didn’t we think of it?)

TransferWise.com may be a tad confusing to use at first, but once you get a hold of it, it will save you time and money, especially if you plan to buy/sell on SWAPD.

What are you waiting for?

Here comes the plug! To sign up, simply visit TransferWise.com!
If you’re nice, here is our affiliate link: TransferWise.com/SWAPD
You get a free international wire if you sign up via the affiliate link!

This is not a paid promotion, we just really think TransferWise may help us all out in cutting down wire transit times and save everyone on fee’s.


Heyyy. Why didn’t you mention me who introduced/suggested you to this TransferWise?
Now, start Payoneer and Skrill please and you’ll be saying same after 2 months.
Good Luck.

It was totally my idea! Also, we will consider Payoneer once we research it further.

Thank you.

I will dig out facts soon. Let me get help of 007.


You never used it, you don’t have any proof. If you requested it, why wouldn’t you use it? I win!

We are happy to say that more and more of our members are using TransferWise! Just last night, one of our members was able to:

  1. sign up
  2. get his account approved
  3. fund his account
  4. wire SWAPD money

all in the span of 2-3 hours. The account approval took the longest. Wiring with TransferWise rocks, as they have the best exchange rates, and wires cost 1-3 USD, no matter if you’re sending 100 USD or 5000 USD. Compare that to PayPal, selling a 5000 USD property would cost the seller 250 USD in fees (just one way!). So sellers, sign up, and start demanding TransferWise!