What is the value of specific stats?

Hi everyone,

I just have a few questions that relate to how we estimate the value of a property, especially on FB. So here are my few thoughts on it and I’d be glad to hear yours.

Overall likes

Absolutely overvalued. This is the one value that is dominant in all listings, while it says little about the real value of the page. I’ve seen large pages with no engagement and seen small pages with fantastic engagement. I do not see value in 1mio followers when I can’t generate sales or actions from it. I make most income from pages in th 100-200k range.


Absolutely undervalued. Linkreach, in my opinion, should be the most important stat in all listings. It defines how much traffic you can drive to a website and to a large extend how much you can earn. Rarely pages are selling directly on FB. This might change with IA monetization.

Organic Growth

Undervalued. Organic growth of pages can vary strongly. From my experience some pages grow very quickly without regular maintenance while other pages are hard to grow even with constant updates. I am wondering why this stat is rarely requested in sales.


Rightly valued. I believe countries have a significant impact on the earning potential. What is still a bit unclear to me is how we differentiate between Tier 1, 2, 3 countries. Is this defined by the average CPC price of Adsense or how do we evaluate which countries are in which tier?


Undervalued. A cryptocurrency page with 10k likes might bring in more money than a 500k page about humour. I am wondering why high potential niches still do not seem to reach good prices.

Would love to hear your thoughts on evaluating pages.