Whats your opinion on my situation

Hello everyone I would really appreciate your feedback on my situation.

I have about $1,500-2k I want to spend on instagram related things to grow my personal account. I have 2 options I am thinking about. Option 1 is buying a bigger instagram account and using that acc to promote my personal acc and do sfs with other bigger accs while they promote my smaller acc. My 2nd option is paying for a lesson. Their is a guy on instagram who does entertaining/funny videos who has 1 million plus followers and gets 100k plus likes per post. He charges about $400 and hour. He told me he has secrets which allowed him to grow really fast to where he is at now and he will explain it all in the lesson.

What would you do in this situation, is there another method you would use? Thank you so much for reading!

In my opinion, any account growth “lessons” are complete shams that won’t help you with anything, but I’m interested in hearing other people’s opinions on this.

Your better option would be to buy a larger account and promote your personal through shoutouts from it, but even then that still won’t be too efficient.

Thank you for your response! I am also very curious to what others have to say.

If u want to learn anything, learn from the loser, never learn from a successful men. Coz he sees u as an asset to earn more… And speaking about instagram never go for any course since instagram itself is now peak of its organic reach. Never opt for it…

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I’d go for option #1. These lessons are usually worthless “post good content, at right times, etc.etc. and you will succeed”

No duh.

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