Who want 400K real instagram followers?

Country of followers (majority): Turkey

Amount of followers: Min Guaranteed 400K Instagram Turkish followers !

If with the shares you do not increase minimum 400.000 followers on your page, We will pay your money
The number of followers we expect is 400,000 - 1.000,000 FOLLOWERS.


We are making activity in our Turkish popular account in Turkey. You can join our activity wih 6000 USD + Fee.

- Some followers may not have a profile photo and may not be active, we cannot control this because all followers come from the giveaway.

-After the activity starts, we guarantee a minimum of 400K followers. The time of 1-10 business days.
-We cannot guarantee that number of followers will not drop. Some of the followers may unfollow after event’s done.
-We’re giving gifts to our followers in Turkey in the event we do, and we make them follow you. It is completely legal and we truly deliver gifts to our followers.

Moved to Influence Deals. Please be mindful where you post.

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Thank you ! i will.

Who want?

Followers for what? Instagram or Facebook?

Thank you for your answer ! I edit. Instagram.

Can you send me your last price please.

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Okay sent.

Our event started. We sent 200K followers in 1 hour !

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So all fake???

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No all real!

Come on :joy:

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If you want to see references and work with me , PM.

One order delivered at swapd. 500K+Followers sent.

Please let me see evidence of legitimacy

PM sent.

Interested. Send me some previous work samples

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Really sick, got 565.000 new followers within 1 1/2 days and the promotion campaign isn‘t over just yet. All organic ones through a giveaway that has been promoted by several influencers with millions of followers. Turkish audience.

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Please send me more information.

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Thank you! It’s almost 600k and there are 2 more days!

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