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Service type: Wikipedia Page Creation
Price: 770$


Wikipedia Page Creation available for person / company / brand with notable press on reliable media houses.

100% approval guarantee.
Time :- 7 days.

( 48 hours express delivery possible for extra charges )

Fee also includes all the writing part and the content.


Creating or retrieving Deleted Wikipedia Pages ( Charges Depends on reason the page was deleted or marked for deletion )

Removing COI & UPE tags. ( Charges 60$ - 250$ )

Wikipedia Page Monthly Maintenance ( Charges :- 150$ / Month

For any other Wikipedia Query please message.

For requirements please feel free to message me.

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Is this on the main domain or a different language?

What kind of PR do you require?


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Same questions as op here

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Main domain.

References from reliable websites about the person or brand are required.

Bump! Taking orders now!

Please DM me requirements

Verify your ID first.


Do you also do PR by chance?

No only wiki as of now.


Can you please send me few pages those you done before? I need to check before making an order.

You can go on Google > Wikipedia > and search for any other else. You don’t need to check other examples, so stop to ask for any thread

I asked him to check his works. Nothing else. I know what you mentioned Google Wikipedia

Thanks anyway

All replies done!!

Ready for orders! Hit me up!


Interested please DM



PM Bro