Will invest up to 100K USD in your million dollar idea


Since FB is cutting down on most monetization options, we are left with a cat and mouse game trying to find new ways to keep working with them.

We made lots of money from Facebook and I feel it is time to add some more businesses to the list, so we can keep working without relying on Facebooks policy updates.

If you have any good ideas about services we can build or niches where to look into, I have the funds to invest, lets make something great out of it.

PM me for more!


100K is an excellent budget for a new app :slight_smile: Providing you have an idea that could take off!
I suggest that people who want to respond to this don’t just pitch a one-liner like "hey man, I thought about an app that does this."
I suggest you create a presentation, business plan, etc. Toms is good for it :slight_smile:


Actually I’m working 2 things specifically for Instagram. Same boat as you, and have some novel solutions that leverage the latest algorithm changes. Don’t really need investment capital as I have a SAAS business funding it, although I’m interested in discussing a bit further to see if there’s a potential fit.

Shoot me a private message and I’ll send you my contact details.




Can switch form pages to FB groups?


They will just start doing the same for FB groups soon enough. Should be something outside this kind of business.


fb groups stoped driving traffic since october


What I’m going to tell you seems to be stupid, but it’s not: create a new social network.

Facebook is dying and people (users and publishers) are just waiting for a good alternative to change.

You don’t even need 100K USD to invest. You just need a good idea, a good plan and good marketing.


Building the new platform+marketing would cost in the millions. People won’t switch unless it is clearly superior. They won’t switch because of problems that don’t really affect the average user.


I acually agree with @Sramey2004. You know how hard to drive some traffic from FB to a website right?

Imagine getting 300m user to your platform… Snap is still fighting…


Now, if let’s say someone built the platform and had access to execs in FOX who clearly would endorse a new platform, mainly for the minimal reach issues the new platform would give them.


It could be possible. But, the platform would have to be equal or greater than Facebook.


Building a new platform is simple. You can just go to github, download the code, then you have your platform… lol


Building a platform is easy. But, I believe the hard part isn’t the platform, it’s getting a credible sponsor and/or marketing to the right audience.

Hell look at Myspace. They are significantly smaller than Facebook and get 50 million users per month. If there was a platform built just for bloggers and media sites, I know of a lot of conservative media outlets that would give it a shot.


To build another FB you need to get super lucky at the right moment with the right thing with lots of cash, infrastructure and connections.
Take a look at G+. They tried and failed, so I personally don’t feel smarter than google team and would focus on something smaller and more realistic.


Just take a look at topbuzz, they making huge money with nothing. Other people share content and they earn on that content.


I’m just going to say, something doesn’t have to be as big as Facebook to be successful. If you can get 500k people to signup and use the platform daily, that’s still successful. That’s 15 million visits per month. If you have a CPM of $5-$10 per 1000, you’re making money. But, the hard part is getting it sponsored by a reputable organization.


Yeah, it would need to bring some value tough.
We did more than 50M visits per month from our FB pages last year, it was hard work and getting it without FB is even harder. Need a really good idea to get 500k people signed up and use a service daily


I know what you mean. Last year, I was able to get 10k link clicks on an article. This year, not so much. I know that Facebook means well, but while trying to help they’ve made business extremely slow. I know that it wouldn’t come easy, but there are several news organizations that have seen declines over the last few months and would likely try an alternative. But, this is purely speculative, I have no clue how to create a site that could even compare to Facebook. Lol


Everyone would love an alternative, but for now there is nothing that can drive enough traffic like FB even with their silly updates. Just take a look here https://digiday.com/media/facebook-news-feed-changes-publishers-look-hopefully-pinterest/


Lets just start an ICO altogether, which eventually fails once it gets millions in funding lol.