Will You Buy A New Youtube Channel With 100,000 Organic Subscribers?

Hello, it’s me Jacob.

I hope you are doing very well on your end reading this.

I am writing this post for the purpose of learning some interest and considerations
in terms of buying Youtube Channels.

I am anxious to know the following:

  1. Will you be willing to buy new channel or channels that comes with great verifiable subscribers and with great viewers engagement or comments?

  2. If the number 1 applies to you, what will be your budget for the following number of subscribers?

  • 15,000 subscribers
  • 25,000 subscribers
  • 35,000 subscriberts
  • 50,000 subscribers
  • 75,000 subscribers
  • 100,000 subscribers
  1. Given your answer to item #2, will you consider buying it even if it’s just 30 days old but was optimized or raised organically?

  2. If all items work for you, what are other considerations and perks you wanted to the seller to offer you?

If you have time, I hope you can share your considerations. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone, and have a great time.

For what niche is the channel?

Hello, @rigert thank you for your reply. Channels about Self help, motivational, and entertainment.

This is a follow up.

Hello everyone.
Please know that I am not selling youtube channels with this post.
What I am doing here is a pure research.

If you inbox me asking how much it is, and ask for links, I cannot provide them.

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile: