Win 100 USD (in BTC) for submitting the funniest social media related meme! SWAPD contest time! - We have a winner!





The “Big Bang Theory” meme wins. keep your $100.
Fucking hell this is perfect.




It should’ve been with this photo tho


I was looking for it for like 10 min and I couldn’t find it lol. Now my search history is filled with terms like:

“blond girl and black guys”
“brazzers couch”



I won a contest on swapd long time ago and never used it :joy::joy:


This has happened way too often


Dori right now:




This was the funniest lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Again, not that funny, but something that hits close to a SWAPD admins heart:


We literally had people complain about late replies (or should I say trying to rush us) on Christmas and New Years eve :smiley:


Not that funny, But reality :confused:


Trying to find Old Msgs in #Swapd


You know if you go to your inbox, when you click search, it searches only your inbox? :smiley:


Even then it is hard to find some very old msgs… Just an user experience…


That probably goes for everything else, including old emails, old Messenger messages, etc. Hence “old”. Generally, anything old is hard to find in data.
How would you improve searching for old messages?


Atleast a separate category for quote msgs & direct msgs…




He means “Replies” and “Private messages”