Working Form to Re-Open Disabled Facebook Accounts [Staff: Confirmed working]

Hi, if any of your facebook account got disabled within the time period of June till today’s date can appeal from the form below to reopen your disabled accounts.

I have reopened few of mine and my friend’s accounts in this week.

( You can try to appeal from this form foe the older accounts too but i haven’t got any success with the old disabled accounts )


Valid GOVT ID Proof

Form Link :



Thank you for this mini-tutorial for unblocking Facebook accounts :smiley:
I’ve tried on two of my old accounts that were suspended last year. I will let you know if it worked.

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Best of luck :sparkling_heart:

tried as well for a real personal FB account that was disabled in 2014. this is the 34095th form I’m trying but w.e :smiley:

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not sure if it’s working on the old disabled accounts but best of luck :smiley:

I remember two years ago there was a form that almost instantaneously unlocked accounts :smiley: Those were the days. No matter what you were banned for, all unlocked.


There was also a form for publishing unpublished pages too :smiley:

Was one of the bestest time of my life. I remember publishing 30 40 pages in less than 12 hours all at once :fire:


Wow, crazy. Did the publishings stick or did they noticed?

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It was working smoothly for 3 weeks.

I sold that form to 4 guys for 6k$ each after 2 weeks of that the speed of getting pages published decreased and it took 3 to 5 days a page to get publish and rejection ratio was increased too :smiley:

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Thank you

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DAY one, nothing yet. Still waiting.

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Why when i used they said unknown error?


Give it a try with different browser or try with your mobile phone.

That should work if that doesn’t work then i guess they’ve closed it or something for people to stop abusing :stuck_out_tongue:

i did many times used opera used firefox used my phone same error

I’ll try it again on my account then I’ll update you.

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got mine recently about 2 weeks ago. that my 3th time and no response from them. case is still open in the link they gave me

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Got my disabled account back from last year, that got canned because a dishonest seller sold a hacked fanpage. And I had it during transfer, so I was branded the hacker (most likely). I tried multiple things, didn’t work. But this form WORKS.


Thank you @FaadixD. I am awarding you with a personal reward in your SWAPD Rewards.


WHATTTT??? Did you receive an email? I didnt get a response

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