Would Like To sell Aged Reaction Mix Youtube Account 138k Subs US 78% 38.4k With Bells.Negotiable

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 138k
Topic/Niche: Reaction videos
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): organic, cross channel long term build up, reaction videos

Channel was reactions and content was removed to re-apply to monetize with new content. Old owner removed content, page owner prior to last confirmed sale of channel.



I would take that statement with a grain of salt, as this is a rebranded Channel that was listed here a few days ago under this topic: YouTube channel with 140000 subs

Just a few days ago the Channel was monetized, now it’s not so I guess “no time to make it work” makes sense now. We’ve tried to ID verify the previous seller but apparently she found SWAPD confusing so @goodsmash contacted her offsite to buy the Channel. In all honesty, the ID process was still pending so we’re kind of angry here that @goodsmash took the initiative to hunt the seller down on his own. The only reason why @goodsmash isn’t banned is because he admitted to it prior to us finding out, but please know that this Channel was originally not related to gaming as far as I know (I may be wrong on that one) and the monetization was lost under @goodsmash ownership.

So it was sold for $400-500, then $650 (both with monetization available) and now he is asking for over $3k without it?

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I can also send anything on here that is needed.

The Video was NOT being monetized still, and was full of Reaction videos.

The channel IS related to gaming the older user used to do NBA 2K2 videos which is a basketball video game, you will see with comments on new content I am sure for some subs, this was stop being used with new content after a reaction video to a video was flagged .

This was a channel branched off main to try to do Reaction videos* before asset was sold.

The demonetization was under previous owner, videos were deleted prior to me obtaining channel.

Appreciate the understanding

Whom has stated it was sold for that price? patrikk

I do not have you involved with this transaction unless you are messaging someone OFF SITE>

Monetize was not available. Was denied on Feb 8th for 30 day re-apply that is PRIOR TO LISTED***

Because that’s the price listed in the original thread? Don’t mean to be rude, I am just asking, good luck anyways.

Throwing how much something was sold for in a PRIVATE transaction that was in this case NEEDED to be done and spent HOURS working on.

And no sold price was EVER listed here nor discussed. So???

That’s why I was asking about the price? Since I don’t see any reason for such an increase compared to the other thread.

I spent a collective 10-14 hours working on this asset. It was sold at an undisclosed rate and the audience is premium. I even offered to give @Swapd a fee but reviewed the terms detailed and did not see how this even applied due to the situation and asset. I will respect the requests of offsite enforcement and may this be a possible example.

It is this much @patrikk because after diving in the analytics that price is deeply undervalued.

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In all fairness, you tried to corner the seller by starting a checkout ticket at the listed price, without any prior (on site) negotiations. You kept messaging the seller but got no response, and if I had to guess you panicked and opened a ticket anyway to lock in the price. The seller didn’t understand the process but she never said anything that the price isn’t right :smiley: So I assume you purchased it for the same price.

Not blaming you though, this is how flipping works. Just don’t try to take the high moral ground here and act like you did the right thing.


Come on man whose channel is this :joy:
It was up for sale for 500 then 650 now 3k?
A guy was selling it to me last night it was named Skurd Tv it wasn’t a gaming channel.

@FaadixD I’ve edited the image out of your reply as it contained the user’s phone number and the channel URL.

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Prices based on audience, this is how things work, some people value things different and have No idea about audience and history, a name change makes sense because it is more inline with its users.

It was thought to have been Too good to be true because of the price before and I am sure lots of people are pissed off not getting this account, so open to negotiations.

And the last name sucked and the page responded to that name change of the previous owner!

Checking with audience now was a lot of reactions on videos before

But a lot of male and guys who watched NBA 2k2 (video game)

but I will change this to general reaction for genre

check message

Replied verified only please

How im new to this