[WTB] Looking For Media Support On Facebook

Yesterday facebook randomly decided to block our domain. I am wondering if there is anyone here who has a contact in facebook that would be willing to help me get my domain unblocked. I am willing to pay for this service

I went through this once. The best way of doing it yourself is to get 30-40 profiles who will report the link as safe. The problem is, it’s hard getting 30-40 people to cooperate, as the profiles need to be real, from different IP’s/etc. They need to post the blocked link on their wall (it needs to look organic, like a link to a story with a message), get the warning prompt, click the link that says Facebook is wrong (I don’t remember exactly what it’s called) and send them a message why you think this link shouldn’t be banned. In the past, I was able to unlock ViralAccounts with just 15+ submissions, but it got banned again a few months later.

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Quite often, Facebook wrongfully blocks domains. There was a mini-scandal once a few years ago, where their algorithm would go on a domain banning rampage. Facebook officially apologized and removed the blocks.

Yeah currently we have a bunch of people reporting to facebook that it is not spam however it has not got us anywhere yet. I also filed a complaint with BBB seeking a responds

With the Better Business Bureau? I don’t think that will work in terms of getting your domain back. It’s probably best contacting Facebook in this case. Have you tried contacting them? If you like help, PM me the domain and I will also file a positive report.

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Thank you, I have sent you a message