[WTS] Instagram Verification Service

Selling Instagram Verification (Blue Badge)
Price: 1500$

Requirements: EU/USA Instagram account, verified Facebook page, 80K minimum followers, Wikipedia page and media press links.

payment through swapd

Please update the title of this post to reflect what you are selling

done thanks

Moved to Unique Services.

Doubt, followers never was a requirements :slight_smile:
Only press articles

We get client with 900 followers verified at least, 1k, 10k etc, and this doesn’t make an 80k with press have more chances than 900k


Totally agree with you, but i want to avoid people telling me to verify an account with 5k followers who is literally “no one”. If someone has 900 followers and he knows what he is worth he would still message me (i guess).

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Unlisting. Seller no longer able to provide this service on SWAPD.

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