X (Twitter) Rep for your Business / Agency

Service type: X (Twitter) Rep for your Business / Agency

I’m very excited to provide this unique service.
Presenting a number of benefits:

Business $10,000 + Swapd fee

  • You’ll be assigned a rep who specializes in Twitter ads by your region.
  • You’ll be able to request help for your Business, which means no more ad account suspensions, unwanted access, or incorrect bans.
  • If your company is NFT/Crypto, you’ll also receive a certified that allows you to run adverts on Twitter.

and other benefits

Agency $30,000 + Swapd fee

PM for number of benefits Agency

I’ll only take applications from legitimate Business / Agency, and I’ll need to review the details first.

PM me if you have any questions

Could’ve at least changed my text lol, but GLWS


You can request an account manager from X Ads Help Center, I don’t get it.

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Yeah, this already paraphraser but the point still same, GLWS too @Pitbull