Your ready NFT art and development

Hello SWAPD community,

Me and my team can offer a full NFT development from art and contract.

Art: 2D or 3D depending on what you would like; we are able to generate as many as you can for a whole collection, 1000 to 10,000.

The art will be done in a professional nice way according to what you want.

We can provide Nft Smart Contract, Website. Where we upload all artwork to ipfs and add the image url in metadata. Then we will provide the website with basic UI (No Frontend, Only Buttons ) like mint button and connect wallet button, and all the backend functionality including api. Then we will make the website in Next.js and share its source code. If you can provide us frontend in next js. Then we can integrate that with this website.
we will also make an instructional video explaining how everything will work.
Smart contract will be opensea compaitble that means that nft will be automatically shown in the opensea after its minted.

We will deploy the smart contract on testnet, share testnet opensea link with you, So you can make sure everything is working correctly.

Discord : we can set up your discord’s according to what your needs are!

Time: a week for art, a week for contract

Price : we are the cheapest in the community but it depends on the art and the complex.

Only what you need is marketing and you are ready to make millions!
We have made a lot of successful projects that sold out for $1M

Thank you.

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Send more info.
Previous projects, price packages, some kind of portofolio.

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Infos please! Portfolio and price packages. Thank you!

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Sent to both!

info please

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@themepage @neti1 please message me yourself about your inquiry I have 40+ texts.


Hello, please send some info

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Can u send me details pls?

send info please thanks

PM’d you

Info please! Portfolio and price packages.

Hey, send accross further information and prices pls

Hi, can you send me the details please.

Send more info.
Previous projects, price packages, some kind of portofolio.

For new buyers, please PM first! Thanks

send more info plz porfolio and price packages

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It’s done

I am very interested in this. Can I see your portfolio and get some price quotes?

very interested, please PM me more info