YouTube Artist Channel 124k+ Subscribers

Amount of subscribers: 124,000
Country of subscribers (majority): (58% Mexico) (35% USA)
Topic/Niche: music
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): organic

Description: official Artist channel recently merged and sold to me by the artist.

•No strikes
•Not applied for monetization yet
•Play button not claimed yet.

Great channel!

channel link please!

Link please

PMed everyone

Please send link ty

I am interested. Would be grateful if you could send me the link.

@Administrators @Swapd Why doesn‘t my verified badge show up on chats since I am already ID verified within a successful transaction. I noticed that because all my posts have to be approved even though I am already verified.

You are ID verified:

And approvals have nothing to do with ID verification. If our automated system decides your posts needs reviewing, it will get held up every time.

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Sent link :muscle:t2:

url please.

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Interested I sent a message

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PM Link

Message @verification and get your ID verified for the link.