Youtube CashCow Mentoring (1000 USDT)


Service type: Youtube CashCow Method (Only 5 Slot)

Description: If you want to generate a lot of income in a short time by creating a new Youtube Channel, you are in the right topic. I will provide everything you need for this and you can earn monthly 1k-100k+ I will only give this method to 5 member and then I will close the topic. You will receive indefinite support and help from me in this regard. Even if the ticket is closed, you can ask questions at any time. All you need is a good computer and time :slight_smile:

Requirements ;

Youtube Channel ( I will give you 10 piece 2008 Date Youtube Channel )
A lot of Song/Beat ( I will give you 10 beats )

How will i make money? :

I will report to you in detail in which categories you need to work, and you will start to publish videos by paying attention to my directions. I guarantee you will earn money if you do as I say.

What if I fail or not satisfied? :

If you fail, I will give you Spotify user profile verification and This Is list creation methods.I have earned thousands of dollars with these 2 methods. You can contact and work with artists and labels. Or I will refund half the money. Your choice.


If you really want to make money and you are a hard worker, this method is for you. I will be unlimited support and will strive for you to win!

Price: 1000 USDT + Fees


Easy method to make 25K it seems like nowadays… people have posted these for free on here or other places. However if you would include more information maybe you could make some sales.


I know you’re trying to protect the Swapd community. But I made the necessary information in private messages to those who are interested. Also, this method has never been shared here and is not related to AI.

I will elaborate on the topic soon.

How much do you PERSONALLY make from this method, also can you screenshare and show live proof with refreshing pages, etc of revenue and ownership of your own cash cow channels? If you can do this and its lucrative, I will buy.


Need to see a live earnings proof of your cash cow channels. DM me with proofs.

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Hey man im actually very interested

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