Youtube channel banned

Hey, sorry if this post doesn’t belong here, I wasn’t sure if I should post, but I was wondering if there was any way to unban my YouTube channel, so here’s what happened. I bought a YouTube channel, that had 137k subscribers, for $650. seemed like a good deal, right? so it was an arabic Minecraft youtube channel, and I started posting a few videos here and there, nothing much trying to see what my audience was like, and after about 4-5 months of having the youtube channel I hadn’t posted anything in like 1 month and suddenly the channel was suspended for no reason, I sent an appeal about 3 months ago and still no reply, I tried posting on some forums but they just said to send the appeal, I watched some videos on how to unban yourself and some of them said try to put your youtube email in instead of your gmail, but since the channel was banned I couldn’t find that so there was no way for me to try that, if you have any ideas, please let me know.

Thanks, have a nice day!

Where did you buy the account from?