Youtube channel monetization enable partner with MCN , aged january 2015

Amount of subscribers: 8677
Country of subscribers (russia):
Topic/Niche: nature sounds
Promotion methods used? (Organic)


I have aged youtube channel from january 2015 no strike
every month from 60 to 120k views
Watch time evey month over 1m
Lifetime WATCH TIME 56,051,805

averge watch time 17 minute
all views organic form realted videso and yt search

the earning every month between 80 - 120$
all earning from 2015 unitll now about 4k $

the partner network called BentPixels
all you have to do is change paypal email in BentPixels

languge is russia
you can change the languge

I have 183 videos
no strike
next payment on 15 july

support after buy for 1 week via skype to learn you how to get content without violdate yt copyright or Community Guidelines, I will give you all keyword in russia language (Tags, Tittle , Description ) if you don’t want to change channel language

last upload was on december 2017 and still generate organic views from yt search and related videos
this mean if you have time and make daily videos will generate more views and subs and earning
payment via paypal or WebMoney
PM for offer
welcome to any question
welcome to any screenshot to to prove ownership

Hiiii. 10k plus Subs Accounts are allowed to be sold/bought on this Forum. But let’s see whether Staff allows it on special grounds or not as it’s closest to 10k. Thanks

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