YouTube Channel Verification with any subscribers even 0 || Starting price $400


What Is This Service?

This service is strictly for YouTube Channel Verification! I will only be assisting with the accounts that I have mentioned

Process / Timeframe:

The process is very simple, you provide the required information and I submit the request. It takes 0-15 business days maximum. Typically it is less than 2 days, although due to some errors and limited YouTube reviewers it may take longer.

Information Needed

I need your channel URL if you have less than 100,000 subs. If you have over 100,000 subs, then I would need:

( Please send me this info all listed in this order if you DM me )

How Much Is This Service ?

The price will vary for each account, based on the information you’ve provided me. The MINIMUM fee will start at $400 and a maximum of $1,500, this is firm and not up for negotiation.

Any question which is not

related to my topic will be rejected, Please only interested users send me a dm. I’d be happy to help you! Send me a dm and I will review it once I’m active!

One more thing:

I’m not responsible if you lost the badge, You will not lose if you don’t change your name, break YouTube rules, etc.

Ready to start ?! Send me a dm and let’s get processed! :raised_hands:


We’re back!

Bumping this

What if not 100k

Can do that as well, but the price will be a bit more.

Bumping this

Bumping this

Do you need 100k subs to be verified?

We can verify less than 100,000 subs, but not accepting any orders at this moment.

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Okay please let me know when you start accepting again

Just sent you a message!

Goodluck and brill price :fire:

please lmk when this is available again. Thanks

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Thank you!