YouTube Content ID Service

Note: This service has been approved for the “Unique Services” section by @Swapd

As a media company, we work with YouTube’s Content ID system on a daily basis. Now, we have decided to help channel owners earn the revenue they deserve by offering our new Content ID service here on SWAPD. Effectively, we can claim and monetize original content that is eligible for YPP (and therefore adhere to YouTube’s TOS) on your own and third-party channels.


  • Your content has to be eligible for Content ID
  • You have to be the exclusive owner of the content
  • Your videos have to be compliant to all of YouTube’s guidelines


  • If you earn more than 300$ per month with your claimed content, we can agree on a revenue-share model
  • If you earn less than 300$ per month, we can activate Content ID for you for a fixed monthly fee

In both cases, please contact me so that we can analyze your situation.

How to get started:
Please answer these questions in a PM:

Link to examples of your original content:
How often is your content re-uploaded on YouTube?
Do you have an own channel we can also claim with CID (+ link)?
Have you checked if your content is really eligible for Content ID?

Are you an MCN?

PM me. I’m interested, 100k+ channel with original content. Just un-monetized bc I fucked up back in the day. I get 332,560 views in the last 28 days.