Youtube Entertainment CMS (ContentID, Create & Invite Feature enabled) + Big Youtube Channel earning 1000$ per Month

FIRST OFF: Please stay away from lowball offers or making unnecessary comments, if this isn’t for you, please have the manners and just skip this Thread.

Hi there,

we decided to give one of our most valued digital assets a shot here on SWAPD.

We’re selling a Youtube Entertainment CMS with ContentID (auto-claiming as well as the Create/Invite Feature being enabled and fully functional. We acquired this a while ago but just recently received our own CMS.

In addition, for maximum security and to make the bundle complete, the CMS comes with its Original Google Account (Mail + AdSense) + the original channel which is very big and still earns around 1000$ per Month without many uploads (Faceless Content).

To summarize what you get:

  1. Google Account (Original Email + AdSense)
  2. Youtube CMS (ContentID, Create/Invite)
  3. A very big Channel which is actively earning revenue + is linked to the CMS
  4. All content rights

Bank Transfer with Invoice or Crypto

DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ - We won’t show anything further than a few censored screenshots of the CMS to provide the final buyer with the highest security and discretion possible. We will only disclose details to parties proving their interest and having the budget available. Ideally, we start the ticket first before disclosing all details because truly interested buyers know what they’ll do with this and we hereby guarantee the functionality of all functions.


We are interested

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The URL/Handle is missing

There is no URL, this is a CMS.

Pm more details and price

Hello Eric,
Please check your mailbox. Thanks