[YouTube] Get into YouTube Partner Program (YPP) - Monetization

Service type: Monetization
Price: 1750$
Payment Method: BTC

Description: If your channel is in-review (see screenshot), I can help you to skip the queue and instantly get in YouTube’s partner program. Please be aware that this does not work if your channel has been YPP kicked.

You think its worth 2.5k to just skip a month waiting time?

The waiting is a lot longer + some large channels that got kicked from their MCNs also need to go through review and miss thousands of dollars a day. Now it takes 3-6 months to get reviewed.

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So basically, this will only work for new channels that have never been monetized before, right? As if you have a channel that has been monetized in the past, inherently, you’ve been YPP kicked before.

Let me know whether or not I’m looking at this the right way.

It could be that the channel was part of a mcn and then got released and needs to reapply. Or for new channels indeed yes. It doesnt work when you were YPP suspended and are in review again.

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Still not clear. I have a channel that has been rejected YPP several times despite of having original music composed by me. So this won’t work for my types of channels ??

nah man i see what you mean but this is too ovepriced im sorry

I’ve sold it to many users off-site for this price, so I know its worth it.


You would probably drive more clients if you would adjust the price based on the channel that is asking for your service. For channels that do not even drive 1M VPM, it’s definitely not worth the price but the other way round, a channel owner that generates 30M VPM would pay alot more than 1750$ for this kind of service.

If you would improve your pricing, this could become highly profitable over the next months as the YPP-issues are affecting like everyone on youtube.

So, keep going :+1:


I see what you mean, however due to the method is being used and putting us at risk we need to keep the price on this.

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