Hi all,
I don’t really do these but I can’t sit here and watch this member roam on the forums offering services understanding he is a low life disrespectful scammer off site.
I purchased a celebrity campaign from this user dated 2020 for three different Instagram accounts. The user made up excuses then never rendered services and claims he gave me “Megas” when I denied his offerings for fake followers. Attached are screenshots of the conversations, payment proofs and how this “premium member” chose to handle the situation. I am posting this as a community warning to tread very cautious with this user
The deal was completed before I knew much of swapd until I realized he was a member here offering services!

***@Yslchubbs ***

Proof of payment. Zelle & apple above.

Pushing back the give away to a later date then confirming it was a “scam”

@Yslchubbs confirming it was a scam then offering me botted followers followers that I DID NOT AGREE TO & Still requesting a full refund

@Yslchubbs being extremely disrespectful


Bro paid me for growth through power give aways who ran mad give aways I was just a reseller . I got scammed still gave him growth and delivered on it. Same mega growth they where going to use . Used the profits to do so. He’s mad their was no celebs . I got scammed by shamus Goss. Do your worse was a year to two ago ago before I even knew about the site . Regardless . I’m not a scammer I delivered growth you where mad on a off site manner . Where he still got a delivery before I knew of swapd ima reseller sell services on here to my clients just happened I sold something from someone who I worked with before but the celebrity booker shamus paid scammed so the celeb wasn’t even booked was a big mess but I found swapd later only resell services from these people wasn’t in my control .


I did not accept his offer for giving me fake followers. I asked an example for what “Megas were” he showed me a screen shot and said “yea they might be bots “?

I confirmed I did not want this. I never accepted the offering and said I wanted a full refund instead. So stop saying “I gave him growth” and lying thanks :slightly_smiling_face: @Yslchubbs

I paid him for a celebrity give away not a “fake follower mega give away” as you can see in the screen shot

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indeed, he is a scam offsite

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this is consistent with his behavior. Just constant threats and gaslights people after scamming them. Malik Robinson (AKA Chubbs Wilson) has scammed many people off-site including myself (one person he scammed for $105k). I personally know 5 people he scammed. He pretends that he runs this company called Evolving Marketing Dynamics (which is actually defunct).

Phone numbers he uses are +16785723820 (@snorlax on telegram) and @dondamarxo on telegram.
His email is admin@evolvingmarketingdynamics.net He supposedly is based in Atlanta.
His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/wilsonstillrunning/
Linkedin is https://www.linkedin.com/in/chubbs-wilson-a20ba815a/

Recent video on someone who he scammed for $15k: EXPOSING WEB3 SCAMMERS | CHUBBS WILSON -$15K - YouTube

He scammed me for $6k.


This is why we stress the importance of dealing on site, rather than off site. Not giving OP any heat here, given his clarification of not knowing about SWAPD at the time of this incident, but this is what happens offsite.

SWAPD will rarely (never) assist in cases of scams outside of our site. However, we may act on reports involving SWAPD members if there is enough evidence. As a result of numerous scam reports against @Yslchubbs, he has been terminated from SWAPD.


You won’t be missed :v: hate scammers like this that think they did nothing wrong.






Most of you resell or sell crap anyways, but once you get hustled all bets are off lol.
This is no way aimed at the thread starter.
But growth services are all crap and should be banned

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Really appreciate the integrity in this @Goofy making this website a safer place every day, efforts don’t go unnoticed!


I have heard off site things like this about him. But I never knew who to believe.
Now I know.

I know few people he beamed off-site, can’t stand these low life scammers man.

W for banning him on-site :+1:


Respect for the way you handled this , and how swapd handled it!

creating r*pe allegations is messed up. Glad anyone that would stoop that low is gone


You can also submit this to ScamGrade.com to make sure it’s searchable by people on other sites.


Great idea in my opinion. i am new and issues like this make me think twice before transacting.



Really out here scamming for $3K like what :man_facepalming:t2:

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HMU if you can do Times Square billboards though :tired_face: