why would you wait two years to bring this up lmao

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@yslchubbs YOURE A CLOWN. I’m sure you both didn’t come from much, @Hooper even sympathized with you saying you guys are from the same kind so to do that to another bro is crazy. Fuckin clown, he didn’t ask for mega growth he’s clearly saying that’s not what he wanted nor agreed on. Honestly @Hooper you handled this with so much respect, I would’ve honestly gone above and beyond and doxxed him. He knew what he was doing, Zelle is like cash, wish you took the Apple Pay warning and moved on. Don’t worry @Hooper, you got bigger blessings coming your way. I knew you were legit when I messaged you introducing myself.


this is embarrassing af, good riddens.

We can do them for you

@Hooper big ups to you man! I’ve been scammed multiple times from others, that’s the reason why I now only deal on SWAPD

Yeah I only would ever deal on-site the amount of people on this site who ask me to deal off site is a joke tbh. I should just start reporting them because it’s the first sign of a scammer imo.

Swapd is a really solid community and it’s good to know who’s legit and who’s just trying to steal your money etc.


When I first signed up, I tried but I got an automatic warning message, I had no idea though. But they give an automatic warning, I’m pretty sure it’s like when u say off or offsite or something it filters???

It’s not automatic, we just work 24/7.

Looking Clint Eastwood GIF by GritTV


HAHAHHAHA the best at their job though, love the @Administrators

This guy was scammer since the first minute. He chatted in Instagram trying to proof me that he was legit since he was verified. Bullshit haha I never trusted him from the first minute. He is a piece of trash, and honestly deserves something more than just a claim or legal stuff… a quick punch in the face won’t do any bad.

Is crazy how he laughs and he keep scamming everyone and doing like nothing is happening… bro if he got me for 100k he will be in trouble and not just legal I can’t believe how this can even happens…

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Right?!?! I heard he scammed a lady for 105k, that’s INSANE… how?!?!

Good to see this guy off this site glad I dealt with him on Swapd and noticed his Rip offs

Oh god what did you buy from him … scary :scream:

Billboard service

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What about the Moderators?? :sob:


I never spoke to any but @Vlbrantofficial , he knows his place in my heart :heart:


He meant only me😁


This is an assuring thread. I must tell you. LOL. Anything offsite dealings when I make request for services, I will report hahah

Exactly how it should have been handled thanks!

most likely he get from Fiverrr for 10$ :rofl:

@Swapd , about his billboard service, Do you have no way to check his ip address? was he really in new york /times squares when he was sending videos of these services?