lmao chubbs is an old hf member, he started off scamming gp on runescape


For the Billboard he was offering he doesn’t need to be in New York/ Times Square to run ads on that billboard, that billboard is run by billboard ppv website could probably have hired a guy just to take a quick video

Yes but how you proof you provided the service? on instagram he had litterally tons of video of him front at timesquare, for this i asked, on fiverrr i bought for 12$ https://swapd.co/t/meantime-in-nyc/573341

Off topic: I can though :stuck_out_tongue: (haven’t announced here yet but I will soon enough)

On topic: getting scammed is just really scary and makes us feel hopeless. I got scammed last week (that made me lose a good deal here on swapd). I’m trying to involve the police in my case but they can be quite sloppy sometimes :roll_eyes:). Which makes the case even more desperate.

I wish I could find here the idiot the scammed me. :pensive:

Swapd should ban these type of scammers instead of focusing on banning people who never scammed nobody and always played by the rules, we need an explanation for @hyno 's ban

User tried to scam me for 4.5k, I have proof. If this isn’t enough PM me staff and I will send to you.

In case you haven’t noticed, the user reported in this thread is already suspended.


I believe we have never banned any member for no reason, correct me if I’m wrong.

There is no one reason, there are many. I would not say it’s good to share publicly.


At least inform hyno thru email what he did wrong and why he was suspended, he’s been contacting you guys for 3 weeks now, and you never replied to him… not even once! Even when lunar tried to unban him… swapd said “hyno is the worst person” like without any context or explanation. Shows how you can get wiped out of any platform at any time of the day whether its instagram or swapd

hyno was banned for a good reason, and his account will not be reinstated. If he thinks long and hard, he’ll realize why he was banned.


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I concur


Thread cleaned up. Let’s stay on topic.