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It is extremely difficult to solve this issue and it affects the price significantly.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about how simple it is to resolve an issue. What matters is that you disclose everything in a truthful statement, not lie as you did in your listing.


well I did not lie, until the month of April I was monetizing, but I decided to leave the network yesterday what caused this.


When you leave the Network, it gives you a probation period of 30 days and during this period the Channel is monetized. During those 30 days you can still cancel removal. You can’t cancel it within a day.


but I had a contract with her, and my contract expired on March 1


PM me all the details please ASAP


How much do you want for the channel with all the recent info

What’s the channel

And you want PayPal Good and Services right?


Can PM your response. Thanks


You cannot use PayPal for transactions over 1k USD, as stated in our TOS:


Link please!


LOL. So much for a straightforward and truthful guy.


Property currently under a ticket, not taking further offers.

unlisted #33

listed #34

closed #35