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SWAPD Contests, Rewards, and Merch!

Win rewards just by using SWAPD! Fun contests, SWAPD merch, and countless rewards being given out every month! Check out our top earners and buyers by clicking here.

Social Media

Buy/sell/trade established social media properties such as Facebook Fanpages, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, SnapChat, and Twitter accounts. If its social and has reach potential, it belongs in this section, no matter which platform it utilizes.

Rare Handles

Looking to buy/sell unique @handles (sometimes called OG handles) on various social platforms that include desirable phrases, words, and short abbreviations? SWAPD provides all that and more!

Unique Services

The most unique service selection on the web! Buy and sell Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok verifications. This section also includes suspension reversals, unlocking accounts, restoring banned accounts, PR packages, Crypto/NFT services, and more!

Established Businesses

Only established businesses that make at least 1000 USD per month (for at least six months) are allowed in this category. Moderator approval required.

World Wide Web

Buy/sell/trade domains and/or ready-made (established) websites. All domain extensions are accepted. Skip the hard work and directly purchase a popular website, or if your current project isn’t for you, then you can sell it in this section.


Swap/trade/sell other accounts, not listed anywhere else on our website. These include accounts that are hard to obtain, prepaid services/software, and more. Gaming related properties are not allowed in this section.


Experimental category for accounts/assets under our 20000 follower minimum. Items sold in this category will receive limited support in case of problems, buyer beware. This category is not moderated and tags are not applied. All platforms are allowed.

Buyer Requests

Are you looking to buy a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Pinterest, or any other property we don’t have listed on SWAPD? Quite often, many of SWAPD seller’s don’t list everything they have, and sometimes you simply must ask. Just post in this category and explain which type of social property you would like to purchase, and wait for the offers to roll in.


Come and talk to us! This place if for anything and everything, even off-topic posts that are not related to social media marketing. The best and most interesting topics will be featured on our front page.

Site News & Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. We also use it to notify our members about upcoming changes/upgrades. Any questions or comments regarding SWAPD and how it operates, including suggestions and bug reports, are welcomed in this section.

SWAPD Knowledge Base

New to SWAPD? Need help? This category will help you find answers.

Community Warnings

Warn others about the potential and confirmed threats to keep our community safe. Please read our category rules before posting in this section.