IG Organic Worldwide Growth / Unique Method / Powerful Growth / Real Followers

Interested! Please PM! :slight_smile: @BEASTLY12

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hi, can we do a test order to check quality first? 1-2k followers

Almost 20 days later and still haven’t gotten a reply to my PM/questions. I will just ask here.

  1. Maximum clients per day/week/month you can service with this? What if I have 20 different orders a month? What about 200?

  2. The followers come from high quality giveaways as opposed to low quality ones. What things are given away in the high quality giveaways and what things are given away typically in low quality ones?

  3. If I or my own clients run bot checks on the followers afterward are we going to detect a bunch of bot accounts or anything? (Don’t expect to have this happen; just checking.)

  4. What about targeting male v. female followers, ages, geo-targeting, etc.? What are the limits to targeting? Can niches be targeted by clients as well?

  5. Do you offer examples, results, etc. from previous clients?

  6. What accounts and following type are the giveaways typically from? Handles of such accounts?

Thanks. Interested in this for clients but if I can’t get a reply in 20 days after already complaining of not getting a reply in weeks before that, I don’t think this will work.

Hello sir, I have just responded to your DM. Sorry for the delay as we have been handling big orders.


Seeing that the post is almost 1 year old, is this method still as effective? Also can you target the reach or is it worldwide

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