Instagram Unban / Account Recovery Service [FAST]



another unban done.
Taking new requests! :black_heart:

Can you unban perm too?

another unban done
Taking new requests! :black_heart:

Hello I have a client looking to get her page back. It saids this

Pm sent.

Taking new cases!


My Instagram account was removed for the following reasons: “We removed something you posted on Instagram because we received a report that it infringed someone else’s intellectual property rights.” A company that holds a trademark similar to my account name reported my account and it was banned. All of the content that I was posting was 100% original. Just the name of the account was similar to a company that has a trademark. Can you help get the account back? The account had 7500 followers.

Hey do you unban impersonation ban account? :pray:

I’m back, taking new cases :white_check_mark: