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Few days left until the last giveaways start!

Interested in the amandacerny promo for one of my clients - can you please DM so we can discuss :slight_smile:

Hello, will be following this thread for future reference. Is there any US based music niche giveaway coming up?

I’m at setting up the giveaways for next month and I’ll have an updated list up probably next week.

Last day to enter the December 24th giveaway!

How much ?

Prices are listed below each giveaway

Which one is the Price: $499 option?

We had one a few weeks ago for $499

Few days left for the December 29th Giveaway!

What are the next up giveaways for slots and what prices? Are the ones on the first post updated?

Hey I just updated the list with the new January giveaways.

How do I grab a spot for the 7th?

Send me a message :+1:

Few days left to enter the early January giveaways!

New travel niche giveaway added!

Jan 12th - International
. @elisabethrioux
. @wonderful_places
. @simonettalein
. @tenilledashwood
. @bloghotels
. @bestplaces_togo
. @beaches_n_resorts
. @elissejosonn
Min 10k growth
$1,199 US

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Couple days left to enter the January 7th Giveaways!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Last day to enter the Blue Face giveaway!

New Giveaway Added!