Premium Memberships

What is a Premium Membership, and what can it do for you?

We would like to introduce a new SWAPD feature called Premium Memberships. Premium Memberships enables perks that unlock certain features of SWAPD. The biggest feature is the ability to view URLs within each listing, so you don’t have to ask each seller to contact you in order to see the property. SWAPD hides URLs from the general public to protect the identity of properties listed on our website. Premium Members will have the ability to unlock these URLs, but please do not worry. SWAPD will not compromise safety for money, and this is why not everyone will be able to become a Premium Member.

But first, let’s talk about what a Premium Membership allows you to do!

  • Ability to view URLs right in the listings (Social Media/Influence/Rare Handles section). No longer will you have to PM the seller for more information.
  • Access to the shoutout section of SWAPD. Only VIPs and Premium Members are allowed to sell influence on SWAPD, even to the general public.
  • Ability to sell influence (shoutouts/link shares) without a checkout ticket. That’s right! Premium Members will not be required to use our Checkout Tickets for all influence deals. It’s purely optional.
  • Snazzy Premium Member badge on your avatar/profile.
  • Higher priority support.
  • Free future upgrades/features.
  • Ability to use our Currency Exchanges section without a checkout ticket.

Upcoming perks for Premium Members

  • 25% discounts on launching auctions. We soon plan to release self-hosted auctions, just like on Auctions are usually the best way to sell a property, as bidding wars bring in higher profits. We plan to sell access to these auctions for 20 USD per auction. Oh yeah, if your property sells, your auction fee is waived!
  • Future expansion of features we don’t even know about yet!

Premium Membership requirements

Only trust level two members can bask in the glory of a Premium Membership. This rule was set to prevent newcomers from paying their way in, as this could compromise safety. You have to “stick around” to gain the trust of our community. To learn about trust levels, click here. How do you check your trust level? Navigate to your profile and click Badges. Level two members will have a Member badge on file.

Additional information

Premium Memberships are a great way of showing your support for our community. However, we do realize that paying for memberships isn’t something people like to do. This is why we also have created a free VIP-level membership, which carries even more perks than our Premium Memberships. VIP membership is the highest level you can achieve, and it unlocks many perks, such as progressive fees. Once you qualify, you will be upgraded from your Premium Membership to a VIP, upon user request. To learn more about VIP memberships, click here.

Before you order, please check out our Premium Memberships FAQ. If your PayPal address is different from your SWAPD membership email, please PM an admin after the payment and provide payment details.

Only trust level two users may become Premium Members. If you’re unsure if your membership level reached trust level two, please contact your nearest admin. Users that do not meet this requirement will have their payments refunded.

---------- ORDER NOW

Premium Membership - 99.00 USD - One time fee.

The activation may take up to 72 hours. If you require an invoice, please contact @INVOICES. For legal information regarding this subscription, please visit our Terms of Service.

Credit card payments processed by PayPal. The payment will appear on your credit card statement as SKYNETINC.

Disclaimer: To protect already listed properties from people with malicious intentions who only want to pay their way in to cause trouble, you may only see URLs to properties listed after your Premium Membership signup date.