Premium Memberships

Discover Premium Membership on SWAPD

Premium Membership on SWAPD offers special features to enhance your experience. One of the key benefits is viewing URLs directly in listings, saving you from messaging each seller individually. We prioritize safety, so not everyone can join as a Premium Member.

Benefits of Premium Membership

  • View URLs in Listings: Direct access to URLs in listings, specifically in Social Media, Influence, and Rare Handles sections.
  • Exclusive Access to Shoutout Section: Sell influence on SWAPD, available to VIPs and Premium Members.
  • Shoutouts Without Checkout Tickets: Conduct influence deals without needing to use Checkout Tickets.
  • Premium Member Badge: A special badge on your profile.
  • Priority Support: Get higher priority in customer support.
  • Future Free Upgrades/Features.

Eligibility for Premium Membership

To be eligible for Premium Membership, you need to be at least a trust level two member. This requirement ensures community trust and safety. Check your trust level in the Badges section of your profile.

Additional Information

Premium Memberships not only offer perks but also support our community. If you’re a level two trust member and interested in joining, just message @Administrators. Note that those not meeting the trust level will receive refunds.

Before Joining

Please read our Premium Memberships FAQ for more information. Premium Membership activation can take up to 72 hours. For legal details, refer to our Terms of Service.

Note: For safety reasons, you’ll only see URLs of properties listed after your sign-up date.

To Order, Message @Administrators Now!