Starting May 1st, checking for OG emails will be the buyers responsibility. This includes all platforms!


Some of you may not like this news, but we’re forced to take this action. Starting May 1st, SWAPD staff will no longer check whether the account included in the sale has the original email.

Why are we doing this?

  • For one, Instagram is removing the easy to access data option. Starting May 1st, you will be required to download the entire account data.
  • The second reason is that these data files are sometimes huge. For example, at this very moment, I am on my 2nd hour downloading a 120 GB file to verify an OG email for an adult-related Twitter account.
  • The third reason is that we don’t have the manpower or time (and disk space) to do this. We tolerated this setup with Twitter, but we have lots and lots of IG transfers. We simply cannot handle this extra load.

So, now what?

  • Buyers will receive tutorials during checkout tickets on downloading and verifying the OG data starting May 1st.
  • We will not start the grace period until the buyer confirms the download.
  • We will increase our intolerance for sellers who lied about not having the OG email, this includes 1-4 week suspensions.

We sincerely apologize for this move, but we were forced by this recent Instagram change.
Thank you for reading.


Yes, IG accounts are a pain.


Hard to tell if you really have to OGE or not… unless I’m just unfamiliar with it.

What is some ways of making sure that you have the OGE and it’s not some temp email?

We have a full tutorial on how you can check for OGE on Instagram (prior to the changes occurring mentioned above): How to check whether the Instagram email is original?

On Twitter you have to download the account archive.


Wow .Truly the best forums out there :slight_smile:


also forgot to mention less secure apps are going away too on gmail

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Great! What else will go wrong this year?


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How crucial OGE is in terms of account safety?
Can the OGE holder claim back the IG account after its sold? If so, is there anything current owner could do to prevent this from happening ?

This seems pretty fair to me. Buyers need to become smart buyers anyways or they’ll be scammed either way

Yes they can even without panel

This is some good info to know. Just going to be more of a pain. But have to keep our accounts secure.

It’s important

What can current owner do to prevent this from happening ?
I’m getting the account verified. Is verification helpful in this case?

OGE is very important and an account can be recovered very easy through OGE, Keep in mind that OGE (original email) can be recovered as well.

What can the current owner do to prevent this from happening? Setting up 2FA? Connect to Facebook and run ads ?
I bought an account for 6 months, my current email on the account is the second email and it’s been on there for 6 months.
Is original phone number helpful?