Ticket and support response times may take longer between Nov 24th to Dec 6th

Just a quick FYI to all our wonderful members. I’d like to apologize but 1/2 (that would two admins) of our staff is going on vacation, so naturally, response times may suffer. We please ask you for patience during Nov 24th to Dec 6th. The site will be still operational, but you just may have to wait longer for a response.

All admin accounts will be active, no matter who you message.
That is all.

Thank you for using SWAPD!


Is that SWAPD-funded Vacation or self-supported? If SWAPD-supported, please take me on your Admin Panel too. I have spent last 340 days in my 7x7 room.



Self supported :smiley: SWAPD is too poor to sponsor vacations for admins :stuck_out_tongue:


hey where is the my payment

Not sure why you are doing this, but you were paid almost instantly via BTC when the transaction was over. Shall I provide screenshots in public?

I want to become VIP member, how ?


However, you can still become a Premium member here: Premium Memberships (BETA)