TikTok Unbans, Verification, Shadow-ban Removal, Algorithm Boosting

doing cases on site, still active

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he completed 2 unbans for me in less than 24h, great seller!

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:pray: good working with u

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completed a case for me in 24 hours! reliable seller!

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I send pm bro :pray:

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thanks good working with u mate

is anyone else struggling to get a response from this seller?

Hey, I’ve been PM in you I’m looking for the cost of shadow van removal. I would like your services. I have messaged like 3 times.

got you buddy

Looking for algorithm boosting, Can you give me more info please

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You have two threads about algo boosting. Please close one down

:thinking: ?

You have another thread here about Algo boosting. Just saying you should only have one for each topic:



This user just told me he’s no longer offering this service yet just bumped his thread?