Twitter verified with blue badge 14k+ followers



Pm link and price


pm @ and price please :slight_smile:

unlisted #23


Unlisting topic for lack of screenshots. If you want it listed again, please follow our previous instructions.


All good now! Thank you.

listed #26


send username and price to my inbox


Still up for sale :smiley:


PM me for details.


Super offer today!!


700 USD only today!!

Best deal you’re gonna get for a verified account! :smiley:


Remember this offer will only be valid TODAY!


Explain how this is a very active account? Your tweets normally get 0-3 likes, no retweets, and no comments. Also wdym “best deal for a verified account.” Verified accounts mean next to nothing unless its a general niche. You can’t change the name without getting unverified, meaning people would be stuck with the current @.


Last tweet from today 300 likes , about 4 hours ago, you should read a little more. Oh ! And by the way I don’t think it’s a good thing to try to jeopardise others sells.


Not jeopardising anything bud. You’re claiming something about the account that isn’t true. Out of like the last 100-150 tweets you’ve put out over the past 15 days, one got 3k likes, one got 300, and the extreme majority of the rest didn’t even surpass 5 likes. Thats not an active account.


Seller didn’t appreciate critical feedback and requested his listing be removed.

Closing topic.

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