Wikipedia page creation Service - Guaranteed Approval!

Idk anyway get it for free so not problem

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Lucky the page was stayed 2 years most pages doesn’t stay that long ngl


Will not be taken down?

Anything delivered on site?

Yes, successfully delivered on site :slight_smile:

I worked with TiK for the Wikipedia page creation and I am very happy from the service. TiK is very responsive and the service was delivered as per expectation. I highly recommend TiK

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On the contrary, I am interested in deleting a person’s PERSONAL PAGE on Wikipedia. Are you doing this? A page was created on behalf of my client to smear him.

Several tickets completed successfully! :fire:

Open to new orders!!

Vouching for this guy! A nice person who went out of his way to help me on something for free :slight_smile:


Willing ro buy

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Good service and delivered very fast :pray:

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I have a client whose page got flagged for COI and reverted back into a draft. In the talk section, it said: “Not ready for mainspace, incubate in draftspace. Reason/s: possible COI”. Are you able to fix this issue and offer the 90 day guarantee of the page staying up? This page lasted for about 48 days before this happened. We had gotten several maintenance tags in the first few weeks for advertorial language and exaggerated claims which we were able to resolve. Thought we were out of the woods a few weeks after fixing these issues but yesterday, had this happen to us. Let me know if this is something you’re capable of resolving.

2 more orders delivered yesterday!! Ready to take new orders

@mehedi_ru please check inbox :slight_smile:

How do we get started?

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DM me I’m interested

Hello there!
Please let mek now the topic for your Wikipedia page and your questions if any.


Successfully delivered 2 more pages! Open to new orders!!

Completed another 2 new pages!! Open to new orders!!

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